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Re: WoT 5 years, 1 month ago #4376

Her er lige et lille link til lidt Panzer.
Det er video klippet man skal se.
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Re: WoT 5 years ago #4389

Complaint processing scheme

No complaint is considered separately. Game masters do not receive entries of a kind: "Player John Doe accused Jane Doe of bullying his favourite Tiger.” The review process is statistical. Complaints are the basis for viewing user’s logs.

Simply put, the complaint review is based on daily, consolidated statistics. Game masters open a daily complaint list and by sorting find the most odious players to be penalized in the first place. Game masters check validity of complaints with appropriate interfaces and note complaints as valid or false. As a result of this operation odious users receive a penalty (this will involve supporting backyard interfaces), and informants will have their ranking changed.

Since logs are kept for a limited time, the maximum period of complaints review is 14 days. After two weeks, unprocessed complaints are written off, and informant’s ranking does not change.

Re: WoT 5 years ago #4390

Lidt en skam de kun gemmer de log filer 14 dag.

Re: WoT 5 years ago #4395

Re: WoT 5 years ago #4410

Så fik jeg endelig sparet sammen til en E-100

Re: WoT 5 years ago #4412

Nice. Det er sgu også en ond bil

Re: WoT 5 years ago #4447

Lidt info ang. patch 8.6 WoT
( Nu hvor alle snakker om den, og vi ikke fatter en skid )


TG: - Sjovt, det var lige det vi havde snakket om
"We will also add an assistance bonus for keeping enemies tracked. If you track an enemy and your allies then damage it or even destroy it, you will receive a bonus in credits and XP. The mechanics will be similar to the way the bonus for spotting currently works."
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Re: WoT 5 years ago #4457

Så er der ny version med mere arty, bedre grafik og lyd samt et nyt map!



Re: WoT 5 years ago #4460

Har kørt arty efter den nye patch - det tager nu en krig at samle sigtet!

Re: WoT 5 years ago #4461

Jeg har fundet ud af hvorfor Indien Panzer slet ikke er tosset; den kan jo skyde ned af, i modsætningen til de andre tyske vogne.
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